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Example 1

Vendor Highlights. Your watermelon woman has a story. So does your pear person. No one cares about the pomegranate guy, though.

Who are your vendors? Why are they important to your customers? What is their daily grind? What is their company motto? How are their products made? How old is their company? How new is there company?

Pick a question and run with it. Talk to your vendors, take information right off of their site (with their permission, of course). This is filler content, but it is also showing off your vast network of reliable people to potential customers.

Great looking images make your blog posts more visually compelling for your audience, so choose images that really wow. Adding fun and compelling videos is another great way to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. Look at this bowtie with a flower on it, for instance. Stunning. Simply stunning.

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