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Example 5

Do what works for you.

For any blog, there are thousands of potential article types that you could write. My advice would be to try them all and see what gets people to keep coming back. Top ten lists, what fruits are in season, a blog about your new practices, etc.

No matter whether it's educated or wild, a guess is a guess, and you can always find good success in continued effort. What the current market wants right now, above all else, is personality. Show them who you are and what you're passionate about, and the world will answer in kind.

In reality, though, all of the advice in the world (no matter how experienced the person or comprehensive the article) will never give you a direct answer for success. These will only ever be guidelines to keep you from straying too far off course.

Of course, I'll never downplay how much of a help a marketing team can be, though my bias may be obvious. If you believe that you have neither the time nor manpower to set forth on broadening your company's presence across all media, we'll always be here for you.

Regardless, a proper hybrid marketing strategy takes months of hard work with a dedicated team to gain traction, let alone perfect - anything close to perfection can take years. Put your head down, get the right crew to help you, and settle down for a fun journey.

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