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About Us

     Fallon Trading Co., Inc., a global supplier of premium fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, purees, essences, NFC, IQF, powders, oils, and extracts was incorporated in 1998 by its founder, Anne Fallon, who officially opened the doors in early 1999. Prior to this, Anne had spent over fifteen years in the industry, initially as a buyer at a dairy, then switching to the broker side and ultimately branching out on her own. Anne brought many customers and suppliers along with her when she opened her doors – quite a testament to her strong relationships in the industry and ability to exceed customers’ expectations. Many of those customers and suppliers are still with us to this very day and continue to enjoy their own growth.

     In 2006, Amanda Fallon joined the team as Director of Sales and worked alongside Anne to learn the ins and outs of the industry and cultivate her own relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors. In 2012, Amanda purchased the company from Anne as part of Anne’s exit strategy towards retirement. Knowing the value of relationships in the industry, they transitioned the business until Anne’s full retirement. Since then, Fallon Trading has grown its supplier base and product offerings in order to deliver a broader scope to its customers. While the company has diversified since its inception, Amanda continues to be very cognizant of the original culture of Fallon Trading – a place where ideas are encouraged, the team is a second family and the balance between work and family is critical.

     Today, our team has more than a combined 40 years in the industry, still working with many of our original suppliers and customers. We offer conventional and certified organic products from the good ole USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Costa, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, South Africa, Spain, China, and Thailand, among others. We sell to a variety of branded and private label customers.

     We value our relationships with our suppliers and work in tandem with them in order to provide our customers with timely crop updates as well as product innovation when needed. Our suppliers can work alongside our customers to help them develop the very perfect product for their needs. Additional services we offer include customs entry and clearance, warehousing, JIT trucking, and laboratory testing. No matter what capacity you need us for, we pride ourselves in offering the very best service possible. Our objective is to achieve a perfect three-point landing – what you need, where you need it, when you need it - every time! 

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Our Culture

Culture is a vital and unique part of every organization. It’s what makes people decide to join a team and is the biggest reason employees choose to stay or leave. It’s the key to gaining and maintaining a true competitive edge – one that makes work a place people want to be.


Fallon Trading’s culture first and foremost starts with the foundation of maintaining a positive team environment through unending respect and support. We know the key to our success over the past 20+ years has been a culture of “help and back each other” whenever needed.


We pride ourselves on our relaxed and open atmosphere where communication is key and everyone is encouraged to share ideas, knowledge and concerns. We want long-term dedicated team members who are passionate about doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, but who also know that “all work and no play” does not work in the long run.

Our Mission

To continuously provide best in class service, dynamically driving successful growth by proactively developing long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and vendors.

Our missions is to recognize the value and importance of each and every customer, to work alongside our partners and offer our full knowledge, support and expertise in order to exceed our customers’ goals.

Our Vision


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